Why am I loosing Facebook followers?.

Facebook is unarguably the most famous social media platform today. Many people use it to establish and build their brand. For most people, the major goal of establishing and growing a business in Facebook is to gain income. One thing that never cross the minds of many is to worry about losing followers on Facebook. A lot of online content creators assume that followers continue to grow once a brand starts to become popular. However, there are many factors that can make people to start unfollowing your established brand on Facebook. It is not possible to satisfy every Facebook follower with each post you make. However, if you are continuously losing followers on the platform, it is a signal that you are doing something inappropriate. In this article, you will know the various reasons that can make you lose followers.

You post too much

When you post too frequently, followers start to see your content as spam. Many times, frequent posting on social media platforms is associated with bots programmed to post content at specific time intervals.  Posting 20 articles in a day in Facebook can become annoying. Since Facebook is a free social media platform, people would not like it when you fill their feeds. You need to allow followers understand your brand by giving them small chunks of information in a day.


Posting irrelevant content

When you establish your brand on Facebook, you need to identify your target audience and supply content that suits them. If you have a brand based on music and begin posting different content, there is a huge chance for your fans to begin unfollowing you. Sticking to your niche helps in growing your brand since people are always receiving what they want.

If you anticipate that you will be posting too much in a specific day, it is advisable to notify your followers beforehand. This helps in preparing them mentally. If you are doing a press event, you can opt to use live broadcast where followers can choose if or not to watch.


Inconsistent posting

Inconsistent posting is the opposite of excessive posting. When establishing your brand, you may have started well with regular posts with relevant content. However, due to various reasons you start taking long before you make posts for your brand. Due to the large number of people establishing their businesses in the same platform, when people don’t hear from you they start to forget about you. When people notice about your inactivity, they begin to unfollow you. To maintain consistency, you should create a posting schedule and stick to it.


Posting controversial content

Before posting content on Facebook it is advisable to mind how your followers will receive it. Controversial content can trigger people to unfollow you on a social media network. You should only post information that your fan base agrees with. Controversial content such as political, or religious posts are the top topics that could lead to massive unfollowing. Creating and growing a brand on Facebook takes time. You should, therefore, take precaution before posting any content on the platform.

However, if you have to post such content, it is good to involve your audience in a form of discussion. Moreover, controversial content helps you to identify people who care about the same things you do.


Lack of engagement

Social media platforms exist to allow people to engage freely even when they are in different locations. People love to engage and interact regardless of the platform. Therefore, if you keep on sharing links and content about your brand without answering to your followers’ questions, you will eventually lose them. The primary goal of accumulating many Facebook followers is to turn them to potential customers. When people begin to unfollow you, this goal is not fully achieved.

To ensure your followers stay engaged, you should set alerts to check your account for any new notifications. When people comment on your posts, they always expect a response even if you are notifying them that you saw their comment. When you create a good relationship with your followers, it is easy to sell your products to them. Constant engagement shows that you are a person and not a bot programmed to only make posts.

Wrong approach of gaining followers

In the recent past, People were lured into following Facebook brands where they could possibly win an item. Running contests is a good way to earn followers. However, when the contest is over, the followers will have no more need to follow you. If they are not truly part of your audience, they will unfollow you.


Fake followers

Popularity on Facebook is measured by the number of followers a particular account has. The more followers one has, the more influential they seem. This glorification of followers has led people in developing unethical ways of accruing followers. Many institutions sale Facebook followers at an affordable price. Most of the followers are fake accounts that bring no financial benefit to your brand.

Fake accounts are usually dormant and the owners do not respond to your posts. It is possible to have an account with thousands of followers but little or no interaction. When real followers realise such a trend, they begin to unfollow you since they perceive your account as a scam. It is better to build your account from the bottom and attract real followers who love your content than have a huge following with no financial benefit.


Unappealing content

Depending on your niche, people can start to unfollow you when they are no longer satisfied with the quality of your content. For example, if you are in the comedy industry, people expect you to have thrilling content on every post. When the quality of your content starts to drop, followers begin to unfollow you.


Facebook is a powerful social media platform that you can use to establish and grow your brand. Modern businesses are thriving through online marketing where Facebook takes a crucial role. Your Facebook followers are crucial tools to help you in growing your business and making sales. It is, therefore, important to ensure the followers number keeps on growing for your brand to enhance.