What is augmented reality?.

Augmented Reality has recently become one of the trendy topics. Commonly referred to as AR, it’s only going to get bigger and better due to the fast-growing technology and as technology-based gadgets become easily accessible all over the world.

What is Augmented Reality? The simplest definition of AR is that it’s a digital medium that allows you to overlay virtual content into the physical world making this content appear to be there. This effect is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound or other stimuli all made possible by technology.

One of the major goals for innovation and advancement of AR is to identify specific physical features and understand them better while deriving meaning insights that can be applied in real-world applications. Consumers are beginning to appreciate and get tangible benefits from AR as part of purchasing process.

Customer experience remains a major pillar that brands use to market their products and services. With the advancement in technology, this experience is shifting from what people see in television, social media, and other advertising channels to involving them in the brand experience.

Real life examples of AR applications

During football games, AR is used to draw lines on the field for analyzing plays.

Some furniture companies use AR to illustrate how furniture will appear in customers’ space.

In neurosurgery, AR is used to create a 3D projection of the brain.

In the military, pilots use AR for projecting altitude, speed and other crucial information.