Online paid surveys

Online paid surveys.

Paid surveys are great convenient ways to make extra income as you work from home. However, it could be challenging to identify legitimate survey websites since there are many that claim to pay online workers for doing a survey. To know if a company is authentic or a scam, you need to dig deep to avoid falling into a trap. In this article, however, we have done the homework for you by researching and enlisting legitimate survey sites that will enable you to make money fast.

Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars is a reputable survey site with a user-friendly interface. Unlike many other survey sites, Inbox dollars rewards its users' real cash and not points. Surveyors are awarded a $5 bonus upon signing up. The site has a wide variety of offers so you can start earning money from the first day of creating your account. Most of the available surveys pay from 0.5$ to $5 and take a maximum of 25 minutes to complete.



Swagbucks is a renowned company which boasts of strong relationships with more than a hundred organizations who offer the company thousands of new online surveys to be done by the subscribed surveyors. To register as a surveyor, you are required to sign up with a valid email address and create a password to access the Swagbucks account.

The company provides a simple way to survey different items. The amount of money paid is determined by how many paid surveys you finish. Each online survey has its payout amount with some survey accruing up to $50. The questionnaires with less payout also take significantly lesser time.

There are different types of surveys available in Swagbucks. Some of the notable ones include; product appeal surveys, brand recognition survey and surveys about services. Online surveys are fun and enjoyable. If you want to enjoy a passive income, consider joining Inbox dollars.



Toluna is a famous and a free survey site which boasts of more than 9 million subscribers. The company has been in operation for more than 17 years. Therefore, it has passed the test of legitimacy by providing reliable services to users. Toluna surveyors are empowered to transform the services and products that matter to them by answering the provided online questionnaire.


Toluna rewards its surveyors by the forms of points. The points can be redeemed into various things such as gift cards, sweepstakes tickets or new gadgets. Surveyors can also get points by doing simple things like filling out their profile survey, signing up or generating quality content.


Vindale Research

This is among the long-serving and legitimate survey sites available. Vindale Research is based in New York and offers evaluations and traditional surveys through online services or testing products. The site provides a wide array of survey topics such as sports, cars, favorite restaurants, new technology, travel and leisure, home improvement and many more.

The sign in process is simple and concise. Users can create accounts by providing an email address and a password. The company matches the available surveys according to the information provided by a particular user. Survey payouts start at $1 and $5 per survey. Product testing begins at $5 and gradually increases from there. When a user needs to redeem their payment, they can choose a payment method like PayPal or request a personal check to be sent through the mail.

All surveys done through Vindale Research are worth real money and not points. It also features a user-friendly and straightforward payment center.


Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a popular survey website known for conducting polls for public bodies, governments and businesses. Users are required to accrue a certain amount of money before they can claim their payment. Before you successfully create an account, the site screens you through asking various questions so that it only sends surveys that are relevant to you.


The website awards 10 points to $1. A surveyor can spend 10 to 30 minutes before they can complete a survey. Such surveys can payout anything between $1 and $5. Users can redeem their earning in the form of gift cards since the site offers low threshold of 50 points, which is an equivalent of $5. They can redeem their earning in terms of vouchers and purchase items from renowned companies like Amazon. Payment of cash can be made via PayPal.



Without a doubt, there are many websites where people can work from home by taking online surveys. While these sites offer effective ways for the surveyors to get passive income, users need to sign up for legitimate survey sites that can pay. The above-listed sites are among some of the authentic websites worth spending survey time.